Welcome to DSpace, Koha & VuFind on LibLiveDVD-2.0

Dr. Sunita Barve
CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India
ARD Prasad
Former Professor of DRTC, Indian Statistical Institute, Bengaluru, India

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This release of LibLiveDVD is configured using Linux Mint 20 (Xfce) (LTS)-64bit, DSpace 6.3, Koha 20.05, Vufind 7.0

NOTE: This version of LibLiveDVD does not run on 32 bit machines. You will need atleast
2 GB Main Memory to run this DVD.
NOTE: On this LibLiveDVD sample record is added in Koha/DSpace/Vufind. It is advised to delete all these sample records before using in production server. Pl. check "Further Information" links.

Koha Login as Admin (http://localhost/kohaadmin)
Username: library
Password: Library#123

Koha OPAC (http://localhost/opac)

Koha OAI(http://localhost:8000/cgi-bin/koha/oai.pl?verb=Identify)
For Further Information on Koha

DSpace Xmlui Interface (http://localhost/xmlui)
Sometimes (not always), you may see "502 Bad Gateway" Error.
It means DSpace is taking time to start. Please click "Refresh" button and DSpace will start.

DSpace Admin login: library@localhost
Password: library

DSpace OAI (http://localhost/oai/request?verb=Identify)
For Further Information on DSpace

VuFind (http://localhost/vufind)

VuFind OAI (http://localhost/OAI)
VuFind OAI: Identify (http://localhost/OAI/Server?verb=Identify)
For Further Information on Vufind

Multi-lingual Input
Instructions (http://localhost/help/language.html)

Email configuration 

Instructions (http://localhost/help/postfix.html)

For feedback and suggestions, you may write to: